Day 5: Personal Development Cycle

#1 Coding

  • Solved using bruteforce in py, you can get the solution here.
  • TBH! Learnt a backtracking solution. (Time complexity remains the same as bruteforce, space complexity decreases by 2^n though!)
  • I also learnt that this can be solved using Bit Masking……..wowwwwww that was absolutely fun and cool!

As I have mentioned before, I’ll be posting a seperate article on Bitwise Operations, so do look out for it ;)

Alright, not everyday is a Sunday (coz I found that I am more productive on a Sunday…duhhhh)

Well, I learnt to be kind. Not that I am not kind, but I loose my temper some times.

Ahaaa….alright I’ll tell you what I watched.

Ps: It’s an emotional movie, and you are gonna cry throughout if you are a very sensitive person. Also, I don’t do recommending [awkward smile :) ]

So, today we see some alternatives for the phrase we commonly use or hear, ‘i am bored!’

→ Dramatize the way you say it, ‘I am bored to death’ or ‘I am bored to tears’

→ This one is really good, which we can use it with our friends, specially during lectures: ‘It’s like watching the [aint dry’

→ You can use this one to describe both things and people as boring: ‘This is a bit of a snore’ or ‘He is a bit of a snore’




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Soni Pinjala

Soni Pinjala

Developer | Explorer

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